The fine art of cheese making

Conjuring up the Doddington Magic

When Doddington, the award-winning dairy, wanted to redesign their artisan cheese collection, they chose DECIDE.

Following a recent rebrand by DECIDE, creating designs for their ranges of yogurts and ice creams, we were the natural choice to help enhance the visual equities of the brand and premiumise the Doddington cheese proposition.

Clear colour coding, and a visual emphasis on the individual names of the cheese, ensures that the products are easy to navigate at fixture in the finest deli counters and farm shops. The invitation on every label to ‘Taste the Doddington Magic in every mouthful’ further influences the shoppers’ purchase decision by introducing emotive messaging which implies competitive superiority.

What we did

  • Name generation
  • Brand story
  • Packaging design
  • Brand design
  • Social imagery

Insightfully inspired creative in action.

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