Trading at Christmas time is tough. Brands and retailers are squabbling for shares of wallet and attention at a time when shoppers don’t want to be bombarded with messages. They are focused on buying gifts for awkward relatives or avoiding the hoards of other shoppers in the supermarket. So, how and where to communicate with shoppers poses a big challenge for brands and retailers to be successful at this crucial time in the calendar.

Creating standout is an age-old challenge for brands in retail, and applies to both physical and virtual stores. However, packaging is one area that brands can control, and creating engaging and exciting Christmas packaging can really help to differentiate from the competition.

Consumers want to feel like they are getting value for money at an expensive time of the year, but at the same time are prepared to trade up to more premium or special products. Limited editions or seasonal flavours are a great way to drive trial and create a sense of immediacy.

Here’s a round-up of DECIDE.’s top Christmas packaging this year:

1. Coca Cola’s Decorative Bow Label

Adding some festive cheer to its Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Life variants, Coca Cola Enterprises has generated Christmas buzz with a new limited edition bow design, allowing consumers to peel away the bottle label to reveal a tab that, when pulled, forces the label to contract and form a bow shape on the front of the bottle. Truly magical!


2. Marmite’s Limited Edition Christmas Jars 

Designed on a Facebook App, consumers are given the chance to personalise two festive limited edition Marmite jars with their or someone else’s name for the perfect Christmas gift. Based on the classic Christmas theme of ‘The Naughty and Nice’ Santa list, the nice jars have a Christmassy look and feel, while the naughty jars have a dark theme to symbolise the naughty nature of the jar.


3. Corn Flakes’ Traditional Cereal Box

Most interesting of all is the more traditional packaging for Corn Flakes given that it completely breaks with the cereal’s usual look. A lovely, traditional-looking depiction of Santa by Norman Rockwell features front and centre against a snowy white background. The packaging is eye catching, hits the right tone for this most iconic of cereals and links in well with the brand’s classic Santa Claus advert.


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11th December 2015
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