Spam, meaning the processed pork variant, is currently celebrating its self-titled appreciation week in aid of raising awareness of the versatile food product. Filling sandwiches, breakfast plates and camp stoves all over the UK, Spam continues to stay relevant and meet ever-changing consumer needs with its re-sealable tub variant.

Spamming is also (of course)  a term used when unsolicited emails are sent to consumers who haven’t ‘opted in’ for email communication. DECIDE. want to celebrate slicing up Spam Appreciation Week by sharing with you 3 trends that are shifting email into a much healthier place on the marketing menu…

 Prepare to be visually stimulated

People are time poor, and this is demonstrated by the success of Snapchat and Instagram that allows users to consume visual content extremely quickly. Historically, incorporating a lot of imagery into an email was frowned upon as it increases email size. However as connectivity and infrastructure significantly improve, so has the ability to download imagery. Gmail are evolving the format in which email is being presented to the reader, introducing a more visual Promotions tab that displays content in a grid-like system. Mailchimp SNAP is also tapping into the trend of really visual emails in a couple of clicks, allowing users to send simple, photo-based email campaigns straight from their phone. So prepare for colour!

Responsive communication

Unsurprisingly in the last three years, mobile email opening rates have grown 180%, additionally accounting for nearly half of all email openings to date. When designing email communications, it’s key to invest time in understanding how the message will display on mobile first. Make sure the core message and call to action ideally sit above the mobile fold, and in an optimised manner. The harder the email works in minimising scrolling requirements, the easier the reader can digest the content.

Sizzling subject lines for smartwatches

People are receiving email marketing more than ever before. As emails are decided upon with the same ruthlessness as Tinder date potentials, marketers need to capture attention immediately. The first opportunity is the subject line; if you’ve lost them here, you’ve wasted money, resource and time in creating the email. Keep it succinct, snappy and single-minded to cut through the reader’s inbox distractions.

A final thought, think smartwatch communications. Mobile optimisation is critical, however wrist gear is happening NOW. Keep subject lines front heavy with smartwatches only displaying circa 30 characters. 

So when preparing your next email campaign (whilst tucking into a Spam sandwich), take the trends into consideration to maximise recipient receptiveness. Above all, keep your content relevant to the reader!

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Jo Errington-Stevens


6th March 2015


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