Generation M

“Generation M”. The biggest generation since the Baby Boomers, and they’re changing.

In fact they’re changing just about everything, including how people get information; Generation M doesn’t just stand for millennial – it stands for mobile.

Generation M is your audience. If it’s not now, it soon will be…

B2B and B2C companies alike are increasingly aiming their messaging towards this literal moving target. Therefore traditional advertising placement in a newspaper or TV isn’t always going to work. What’s important is to engage with relevant and targeted communications that adds real value to their brand experience.

Walk down a street in any city and you’ll see countless people holding smartphones in their hands, providing a prominent reminder of the growing demand for all things mobile. As such, the emergence of this new ‘Mobile’ demographic is paving the way for the future.



Generation M are the most non-traditional generation so far. Characterised as a group of people not defined by age but rather by their affinity with ‘shadow tasking’, which is a behaviour of using their mobile device to switch rapidly between daily work and personal responsibilities. Marketers need to continuously approach the Generation M with a mobile-first strategy that evolves to keep abreast of their screen viewing and information consumption habits.

Before diving into mobile marketing, firstly ensure you have the essential elements in place to maximise your chances of creating a successful lead generation program:

  • Test Your Mobile Website: does it load in less than 3 seconds?

The counter intuitive thing for brands to embrace is that Generation M are very marketing aware. They’ve been marketed to their whole life, not just through linear advertising but through guerrilla marketing, bloggers, vloggers, viral sensations, and social media phenomenon, which over the years have all become co-opted by brands. Generation M are wise and savvy, so any brand that is not responsive or ‘mobile friendly’ will be quickly disregarded.


DECIDE.’s Top Tips for Mobile Website Optimisation:

  • Frontload your content with links in case people don’t get to the bottom of the article.
  • Make sure your content is easy to digest – Mobile users have different objectives than desktop users and typically want information fast in easily digestible bites – so keep it concise, bold your headlines, and above all ensure it’s tweetable.
  • Ensure your call to action is an instant ‘get’? Even on a small screen of a mobile device or tablet, CTAs should be simple and one of the first things visitors see.
  • Is your contact number clickable? Generation M are much more action-oriented when on their phone vs. a tablet or desktop computer so getting them to the point of conversion faster and easier is essential.

Remember, less is more! The fewer clicks you need to complete an action, the more likely you will have someone complete an action rather than bouncing off your site!

Once these principles are aligned, it’s time to focus your attention on engaging Generation M by who they are:

  • Be transparent, honest and create valuable campaigns. Faced with a savvy and discerning consumer group, the challenge is to create campaigns that don’t appear to be for self-purpose. Brands need to be launch innovative platforms that add value to Generation M’s lives.
  • Tap into their conscientious being – Generation M have a great interest in the world around them and are increasingly conscious consumers. As a result, brands need to be open and transparent.
  • Similarly, tap in to the group’s desire to change the world, and make change with platforms that are socially conscious, ethical, sustainable and genuinely doing good. Give them control.




DECIDE. identifies the Qkr app as a fantastic example of a mobile first solution that gives Generation M control over their experiences.

We’ve all been there, waving frantically to attract the attention of a waiter, with no intention of looking at the dessert menu –we just want the bill.

Powered by the MasterPass, Mastercard’s digital payments platform, Mastercard has partnered with Wagamama, the first restaurant/ retailer to enable customers to pay their bill on their phone, at any point during the meal, and with the option of splitting the bill.

“MasterCard is always striving to improve payment convenience and choice for customers. Working with a business like Wagamama has helped Mastercard to truly understand this emerging demographic, successfully designing a mobile-first solution which meet the needs of Generation M’s on the go lifestyle”

– Anne Crawford @ DECIDE.




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28th May 2015


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