Coconut Oil

I’m talking about coconut oil, the Holy Grail of all natural products.

This nut may fall close to the tree but its powers reach far beyond the sand…proving just as beneficial externally as it is taken internally, and surprisingly can be used for both skin and hair.

As part of Nutrition Awareness week, DECIDE. recognises that the most successful products in the FMCG healthcare category are the ones that take a holistic approach, designed from the bottom up with a range of genuine health and beauty benefits.


So how can coconut oil enrich your life? Here’s our top 5:

1. Nourishing Night Cream

Unlike traditional face creams which are water based and can lead to drying out, the oil based solution of coconut oil locks in moisture giving skin intense hydration (and can even delay the appearance of wrinkles!)

2. Protecting Hair Mask

As one of the best natural nutrients for your hair, coconut oil promotes healthy hair growth and gives your hair a radiant shine.

3. Make up Remover

Yes, you read that correctly! Coconut oil has surprising benefits as a hard-working make up remover, and even removes stubborn waterproof mascara whilst being kind to the sensitive eye area.

4. Cooking Oil

With a high smoke point, coconut oil is great for baking, stir-fries or as a dairy-free replacement to butter.

5. Body Booster

Composed of medium-chain-length fatty acids, and triglycerides MCTs, coconut oil not only strengthens the immune system, but raises the body’s metabolism, reducing your waistline as well as your shopping list as the all-in-one lifestyle miracle!


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