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At 22 years of age, and with over 6 years’ worth of Saturdays spent surrounded by the distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee in a pinstripe apron, I’ve never once been tempted by the nation’s new favourite hot drink.

Shocked you may be, that: a) Tea is no longer regarded as the nation’s brew of choice, with an equalising amount of coffee drinkers in the UK now at 83%, and,

b) that I am yet to drink a cup of what some people deem their ‘essential early morning energiser’, I in fact am not alone, accounting for many under 25s who feel somewhat disengaged by the coffee market.

Coffee brands are repeatedly missing a trick when it comes to me and my entourage of non-coffee enthusiasts. Mostly because my evasion of coffee stems from the fact I’ve never seen a need for it in my life before. I regularly see a need to meet friends“for a coffee” – a term which has long been embedded in our culture as a signifier of well-deserved socialisation, relaxation and indulgence. But when I meet for a coffee, no coffee is consumed. Instead my friends and I search for alternatives that resonate with our lives far more.

(A green tea if we’re feeling good… a hot chocolate and accompaniment if it’s been a long week).

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So how can coffee brands reignite or perhaps even spark our passion for coffee, combating our avoidance for the caffeinated cup?

Essentially, coffee needs to reassert itself, finding a new purpose through innovation and expression that connects with our young and experiential mind-sets. One way to ensure the under 25s don’t slip through the net comes in dialling up coffee’s health credentials.

We all know that health is high on everyone’s agenda at the minute, and perhaps we hadn’t considered coffee in this way before, asides from the occasional switch to a ‘decaf’ or ‘skinny’ alternative that is. But, coffee brands do have the potential to change our minds. With health benefits ranging from ‘energy boosting’ and ‘fat burning’ to the more serious of helping to lower risks of strokes and diabetes, coffee could well latch onto the health halo.

Everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. It’s a life-long project defined by the ‘relax, slow down, and take one day at a time’ approach. But hey, who doesn’t love short cuts? Or tweaks and adjustments along the way?

Enter ‘the hack’—

a way to improve, individualise, and streamline a process — like a computer hacker who messes around with the original software, coffee hackers experiment, highlighting a perfect fit to engage young consumers and early adopters.


Buttered Coffee the Next Big Health Craze

Bulletproof Coffee, recently popularised by Silicon Valley entrepreneur and self-proclaimed biohacker Dave Asprey, is a blend of black coffee, butter and coconut oil – that Asprey and other advocates claim will keep you energised and focused for hours.

The basic principle of waking up with a mug of buttered coffee is that the fats in the butter and coconut oil give you lasting energy, support cognitive function and jumpstart your body’s fat-burning machinery, slowing fat accumulation and promoting weight loss.

So far, so gross? The recipe has surprisingly taken off. In fact, it’s become something of an internet sensation. People are talking about it. People are trying it. Many even claim it works wonders for them.

“…An ultra clean bean that makes you feel good all the time when you drink it, and it doesn’t cause food cravings the way normal coffee does”

Although only a trade name, “Bulletproof” is frothing up into a coffee category in it’s own right amongst the niche but constantly growing fitness market, both in the UK and US. Asprey is even opening a standalone Bulletproof coffee shop in Los Angeles this year.

Whist a buttery brew doesn’t quite float my boat, it’s enough to get me interested and partake in the ‘bulletproof conversation’ for the curiosity of my health as I lead an increasingly fitness-orientated existence.

“We live in a world that expects brands to fulfil so many lifestyle requirements, delivering ultimate enjoyment and empathy while still delivering efficacy, function and purpose. And coffee is no exception.” – Pearl Fisher

Stay tuned to see if I succumb to my first cup of bulletproof.

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27th January 2015
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