The Veganuary campaign, encouraging people to try a vegan diet, received record support with over 50,000 people signing up to start in January 2017.

logoCaptureCampaign organisers say following a vegan diet, even for such a short spell, can bring benefits to your health including reducing obesity, cutting blood pressure, and lowering the levels of type 2 diabetes.

In fact, more than 75 per cent of people who have tried going vegan for a month report an improvement in their health.

According to  2017 is officially The Year Of Vegan, and these top food trends prove that a new era in food is upon us as more people avoid animal-derived ingredients:-

Seaweed  –  packed with fibre, antioxidants, iodine, and good fats, making it the new darling of the health world

Fermented Foods – The funky, earthy flavours of fermentation will be big this year. In addition to lending dishes a unique, acidic flavour, fermented foods hugely benefit the health of your digestive tract. Try Sauerkraut, Pickles, Miso, Tempeh, Natto and Kimchi.

Maca Powder – This trendy food is apparently used as an aphrodisiac and to improve fertility in both men and women. But in 2017, expect to see it mixed into juices and smoothies, adding a potent mix of healthful nutrients, as the root is high in protein, iodine, calcium, and potassium.



Jackfruit – the King of the most popular Exotic Fruit which made it big in 2016  is highly versatile and has the texture of pulled pork or carnitas and is a go-to vegan-meat option.


Aquafaba – Also know as bean juice, this is the same liquid inside a can of beans that most people pour down the drain. But did you know it’s an excellent resource for whipping up a “merengue,” baking some French macarons, and even making ice cream?

Root-to-Stem Dining – A logical, healthful, and compassionate alternative to the so-called “nose-to-tail” movement, this trend promotes full use of produce, maximising each and every dish’s nutritional value. Think grilled carrots with braised carrot tops or sautéed broccoli crowns with steamed broccoli stalks. Don’t let anything go to waste to be on point with this smart trend.

vegan egg 32125_1


Vegan Eggs – The egg industry is about to crack wide open. Vegan egg options are everywhere and evolving faster than ever thanks to brands like Follow Your Heart however, be prepared to pay much more than a regaular box of eggs as they retail in the UK at £7.19.


‘Zoodles’ –  vegetable spirals such as courgette, asparagus, beet, sweet potato to replace traditional carb-heavy pasta. Carbaholics may not be celebrating this trend, but spiralizer manufacturers certainly are.

Plant based Bacon – Get in on the trend by making your own DIY bacon out of mushrooms, carrots, or even coconut.

Vegan food delivered to your door…allplantsCapture

…Meaning it’s easier than ever to have cruelty-free vegan food delivered to your door.. check out – hand-made with plant power, they’re a range of tasty dishes made by hand and freshly frozen, so that you can heat-up and enjoy a delicious dinner any day of the week.

The rise of the High Street Vegan – Veganaury looks to have also firmly hit the high street with reports from Italian restaurant chain Zizzi of a 150% increase in sales of its vegan mains making it clear that vegan dishes, once considered niche, are now accepted and enjoyed up and down the country.

Strong….. AND vegan

The stereotype that vegans are all skinny, weedy, weak people has been smashed over and over by numerous vegan athletes from around the world!

Lydia Mok, the founder of STRONG Girl Takeover, a company promoting diversity within the fitness industry, encouraging women of any background, culture, race, religion, shape or size to fall in love with fitness and get body confident has proven this.


“I am the strongest I have ever been due to my training programme and consuming enough calories and nutritiously dense foods to maximise my performance and health. Just like if you were eating animal products, you can have healthy and unhealthy options within a plant based diet”.

However – if Veganuary wasn’t your thing…2017 looks very interesting for those carnivores out there including lean, alternative meats, prepared by smoking or charring…… think elk and venison and to wash it down, Kombucha – fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks!



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1st February 2017


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