DECIDE. presents d3thinking tool white paper at global EAD conference in Paris.

Lesley Marshall, Associate Director of Design Management at DECIDE, presented her white paper on the unique d3thinking tool (which aims to minimise the commercial risk associated with design development and innovation) at the prestigious 11th European Academy of Design Conference in Paris last week. [tw-column width=”one-half”]The 3-day event, pushing the boundaries of the design of tools and processes […]

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3 (hundred) is a magic number

Price can communicate a variety of messages – yes, it can position a product as cheap, or alternatively as good quality, good value or luxury, and therefore in the right circumstances a higher pricing policy can sometimes be perceived as a positive thing (in fact in research even analgesics are perceived as more effective when […]

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What value can a smile add to your brand?

  First, some facts to put a smile on your face… We’re born smiling. Even in the womb, babies smile in their asleep. As children we smile up to 400 times a day, and even as adults (despite the worries of keeping up with the mortgage repayments and sorting a pension!) a third of us […]

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DECIDE. wins gold DBA award for Fortnum & Mason iconic tea packaging

PROJECT: FORTNUM & MASON TEAS CLIENT: FORTNUM & MASON DESIGN: DECIDE & PETER WINDETT ASSOCIATES The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve. The re-design stimulated an average overall 103% increase in total like-for-like range volume sales. The re-design addressed the naming […]

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DECIDE gets to the root of what’s behind National Toothache Day!

  DECIDE – National Tooth ache day from DECIDE.

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How can doodles be an indicator of brand value?

Everyone can be creative when they have a spare moment, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Because everyone loves to doodle (interestingly, the urge to doodle gets stronger as stress levels increase). The apparently random squiggles we create in fact provide an insight into our personalities. What your doodle says about you. […]

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Are you ready to put your brand to the ‘doodle test!’

Today is National Doodle Day, so what better time to put your brand to the Doodle Test. We’ve talked to some shoppers and consumers and asked them to doodle some of their favourite brand marques. See if you can guess what they are (answers at the bottom of the screen). DECIDE. applies this sense-check to […]

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Flying the flag – the power of association

The current trend to move production for many products back into the UK (up to 25% of bosses have made this move according to to a new poll by the small business network Enterprise Nation) and proudly brand them with the ‘Made In Britain‘ claim is increasingly providing valuable kudos for brands both at home […]

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