The latest trend to hit our pockets, screens and VR head-sets is happening right now.

Live, streaming content is taking over pre-written tweets and scheduled content at high-traffic periods across the social networks bringing new meaning to current affairs and enabling brands to connect with a global following in real-time.

Facebook has already taken an early lead with more of their users adopting live streams against rival Periscope

Check out a map of Facebook live streams happening right now

Facebook Live Map

How are brands utilising this new technology?

Many brands have been quick to react to live streaming with it’s high-impact and share-ability it’s difficult not to experiment with the options available.

  • Reach your brand followers remotely
  • Interactive customer support
  • Product demos
  • Share breaking news
  • Behind the scenes of events
  • Hero promotions

Live content as we all know from years of TV out-takes is not without it’s risks with brands having to manage in real-time their image, work to an evolving script and also react to an influx of view comments which can be tricky to moderate.


Let’s take a look at examples across social media and VR

Sky Sports
Oculus / Samsung VR

I recently became the very proud owner of a Samsung Gear VR and since then I’ve been hooked with the wide array of content available. (in-between being a new Dad…)

Along with games and pre-recorded video the stand-out VR element for for me is the live coverage of events.

I watched part of the Kentucky Derby from my living room feeling part of the big event and Sky Sports have started testing VR Premier League games with Manchester City.


Facebook live

How do you rack up 10m+ views? Simple – blow up a watermelon live.
With viewing figures like this it’s clear that the younger, more socially active audience are highly engaged by this new wave of content which at it’s heart has immediate viral potential.

Watch us explode this watermelon one rubber band at a time!

Posted by BuzzFeed on Friday, 8 April 2016


Red Bull

The team at Red Bull are no strangers to live streaming – most notably with the Stratos leap from space a few years back.

More recently they have showcased live events via Periscope including dj sets and gigs from the Miami Winter Music conference delivering some South Florida sun to a global following.

On launch Periscope added 1 million users
– within 10 days.


Coachella & T-Mobile

YouTube is playing a little bit of catchup with Facebook in terms of it’s live streaming offering. Live streams of music and gigs are particularly popular with ‘spatial’ audio for a realistic surround sound.

A selection of bands at this years Coachella will be streamed live in 360°. A fresh take on Coachella which Google has live-streamed since 2011.

Fantastic with Google Cardboard or Samsung VR – YouTube 360° videos are something to be seen to believe – even more so when you’re experiencing an event live.

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Martin Gordon


19th May 2016


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