James BondBut what about those exclusive moments in life? The ones often reserved for ‘people who know people’, press events or big worldwide product launches?

How do companies ensure that they are still exclusive, but don’t exclude the fans?

Take the ‘007’ franchise, which last week revealed its latest James Bond title ‘Spectre’.

Of course, not everybody who wanted to be there could be there – myself included. It would just be impossible to fit the masses of Bond fanatics into a room and still expect the press to cover the event without a side-note about how they were crushed under a sea of would-be ‘Bonds’, villains and other key cast members.

To avoid this spectacle, which would probably detract from the overall announcement, and to give something to the fans for their loyalty, Sony Pictures teamed up with YouTube to allow live streaming so that everybody could see the announcement, wherever they were in the world.

The DECIDE. team were part of this online experience, huddled around a screen quickly pulling together ideas about who the villain would be, the glamourous shooting locations and the always iconic Aston Martin car.

What was interesting was that despite this event happening at Pinewood Studios and us being based in an office in London, we felt very immersed in the experience.

We didn’t have an invite, but nor did the 25,000 others tuned in.
Did we feel excluded from the experience though? Not at all.

This live streaming of an event had allowed us to be part of the press-core, but from our desks.  We found out the news at the same time as everybody else, we reacted the same way as the press in the studio, so what was lost?

We lost that exclusive feeling that you would have had you been physically in front of the Bond cast, next to that Aston Martin car, or being in the cold Pinewood Studio, but for those of us who are still searching for their new best friend on the Bond set, this got you very close to the action with minimal effort.

Other notable brands that have experimented with live streaming are Victoria’s Secret, who recently streamed their catwalk directly onto the web.  Burberry streamed theirs to the Regent Street store, bringing customers in to view the latest trends, with Apple, Microsoft and Facebook also sharing technology news with a live video from the press room.

As online experiences get ever more immersive, you can expect more companies to engage in live video to interact with fans, with anything that enhances these moments being brought to the viewer .

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Jo Errington-Stevens


10th December 2014


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