Brand Invention that reframes the coffee drinking occasion

The trend for coffee-drinking continues to go from strength to strength providing opportunity for new brands, but also the challenge that a crowded marketplace presents. When tasked with branding a new cold brew coffee for Navaho Coffee it was essential that it could target – and own – a potential gap in the marketplace.

Capitalising on the trend for ‘healthier’ coffee drinking, the LIMITLESS Cold Brew brand was born. A combination of coffee and filtered water and nothing else; zero calories, zero sugar and dairy free, Limitless is a versatile drink. It’s not only delicious, but ideal for increasing alertness and boosting concentration with a perfect balance of caffeine to unlock energy naturally. The brand can now position itself as a lifestyle accessory and the perfect gym companion for those seeking a more ‘natural’ energy boost alternative to sugary drinks.


What we did

  • Brand Creation
  • Packaging Design

Every opportunity to enhance the consumer experience is invaluable. With this at forefront of mind, we added the words ‘Alert.Energised.Ready’ to the bottle in an identical colour to the coffee itself so the message is revealed as the product is consumed.

Grant Marshall, Creative Director