Iconic Tea Range packaging redesign

Shoppers are increasingly challenged with navigating the tea fixture (particularly visitors whose first language is not English) as packaging design in this sector does not clearly diversify – so we DECIDE’d to differentiate!

Packaging designed to improve shopper navigation and variant differentiation increases the likelihood of multiple purchase

Redesigning 151 sku’s across 45 blends, the iconic Fortnum & Masons teas visually encapsulate the brand essence of being ‘Quintessentially English’ and have a clear colour coding system for each of the 7 tea ranges. The products contained within each now recognisable via the application of highly legible fonts.

“A compelling example of 360° design – beautiful packs, clear range differentiation, easy to navigate merchandising, and a significant sales uplift”

Jeremy Lindley, Global Design Director at Diageo

What we did

  • Idea Generation
  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design

It’s no wonder that the performance of the Iconic Tea Range packaging redesign gained DECIDE a prestigious gold award at the recent DBA Design Effectiveness awards 2015.