Design for next

Following the enthusiastic reception to our d3eclipse design measurement methodology (presented at the previous  European Academy of Design conference in Paris), DECIDE has again been invited to present a whitepaper on our latest design measurement & shopper insight tools at the upcoming EAD international conference in Rome this Easter.

The Academy, formed in 1994, is headed by a committee of leading design specialist academics from across Europe, North America and Australia, whose mission is to improve European-wide cutting edge research collaboration in design by encouraging discussion across traditional boundaries between practice and theory.

This year’s theme is ‘Design for Next’ and aims to investigate new methodologies and philosophies that will stimulate the relationship between design and thinking for future challenges.

The paper, which will present the integrated proposition of d3eclipse (design measurement) and d360 (shopper journey touchpoint optimisation), will be presented by Lesley Marshall (Associate Director, Design Management) and James Gudgeon (Strategist and Consumer Psychologist).

Our presence at this prestigious conference once again underlines the innovative thinking and academic rigour that DECIDE applies to the development of its unique insight methodologies.

What we did

  • Explore attitudes & behaviours of the multi-channel shopper to uncover what drives their decision-making
  • Demonstrate measurable design value
  • Re frame design processes approaches & tools
  • Create agile systems for future design innovation