Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen

Pizza is a family favourite in most households, however, there is often a guilt associated with serving it up midweek. In order to drive re-appraisal of the frozen pizza category and to widen weekday appeal, DECIDE worked with Chicago Town to launch The Pizza Kitchen – a delicious new style pizza made with a unique Deli Crisp crust, generously topped with mouth-watering deli-style toppings.

The creation of a new brand name and design & communication of the Deli Crisp Crust builds on visual and emotive ‘deli’ cues whilst complimenting the existing Chicago Town Takeaway and Deep Dish ranges.

The visual language has been carefully crafted to ensure that, while the new packaging and brand design appears as part of the Chicago Town portfolio of products, it also has a distinct personality of its own which visually disrupts at fixture.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Packaging Design

The Pizza Kitchen brand provides the UK’s leading frozen pizza brand with the opportunity to capitalise on a new pizza occasion beyond the weekend takeaway.

Grant Marshall, Creative Director at DECIDE.