A Campaign with Stopping Power

Creating a disruptive and memorable shopper toolkit for Boots Dual Defence which was one of the biggest campaigns of the Year by the retailer was our challenge.

Communicating that the product is efficacious and proven to help shorten the duration and severity of colds and flu if taken at the first sign of symptoms meant that educating the shopper was key.  Inspired by the real world environment of public transport, aligning with observations about the environments where colds and flu are most likely to spread, we created a humorous version of the London Tube map, replacing the usual destination names with alternatives that resonate with cold and flu symptoms – Snotting Hill, Snoreditch, Barking Cough, Coughfosters etc…

Instilling within the customer a philosophy of prevention rather than having to deal with the suffering and inconvenience colds and flu bring, we created a striking key visual of a mother and child wearing space suits – acting as a metaphor for the protection afforded by the product then bringing this to life in store and online and at an internal launch via FSDU, CDU, digital posters, social media posts and online banners.



What we did

  • Concept Development
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Digital

After just one day of the campaign launching, sales were up 106% and it has continued to drive sales and total category performance.