POME – What’s it all about?

Momentous stepping stones such as going to college, getting married, having a baby – or even starting to shave and use personal hygiene and skincare for the first time all carr corresponding sets of challenges that provide a completely different set of considerations when it comes to impending purchases.

With 15 million “Gen Y’ers2 in the UK currently undergoing some of these important life stages, what are the key insights on how a brand can be the first in line to capitalise on what’s being billed as “the next major powerhouse”.

A consumer entering a category for the first time is much more than a marketing opportunity.  It is, in fact, a critical first moment of truth where individuals are uniquely predisposed to the offering of your brand.  It’s a time when loyalties can and will be formed – and one these bonds are made, it could take years, decades or a lifetime to erode the preference associated with simple first choice.

Point of market entry (POME) refers to the precise moment when an individual comes into contact with a category that has had little relevance to their lives before.  A typical example is when a woman has a baby for the first time and needs to start making purchase decisions about everything from car seats and high chairs to nappies and toiletries.  Or consider the transition to adulthood, when a young man enters the shaving market for the first time.  He may have been aware of your brand before, but now he’s really interested and this is the defining moment that makes point of market entry the most critical time to establish a positive relationship and influence future behaviour.

Best in Class  POME:

A perfect example of brands that have really hit the mark with engaging POME prospects is Boots #TeenTalk.



The #TeenTalk campaign taps into the insight that parents and teens typically find conversations around sensitive topics very awkward.

P&G teamed up with Boots and teenologist Sarah Newton to help empower parents to feel prepared and confident to be able to talk to and advise their teenagers about a range of puberty-related topics including menstruation, shaving and personal hygiene, at the point where the teens are entering the market for associated products for the first time, positioning P&G and Boots as trusted advisors.


DECIDE brought the #TeenTalk campaign to life via a range of communication touchpoints including a top tips booklet available at shelf and in-store POS, helping to drive point of market entry sales of P&G products available in Boots.



Consumer’s life stages are far more diverse than they used to be.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to POME marketing, brands must acknowledge the shopper’s varying lifestyles.  This will help brands target the right people who will go on to make future purchases – Michael Pagan, Associate Director, Strategy & Planning DECIDE.

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27th September 2017
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