d3 thinking is our unique, proven design evaluation tool

It measures design effectiveness through the analysis of omnichannel shopper decision-making processes and indicates areas of action to inform creative direction and improve the effectiveness of a design.

Simply put - objectively evaluate your packaging against key competitors, in order to execute effective design and save costs with proven success with Fortnum & Mason

DECIDE d3thinking

“I love that it’s visual… a true design assessment tool! It really can help build better designs and reduce the risk when launching new designs.”

Principal Global Design Manager – Multinational Consumer Goods Company

Developed with world renowned business schools

Building on our partnership with Durham Business School, and developed in conjunction with The Design School of Northumbria University the d3 thinking model has been selected as a white paper by the reviewing committee of The European Academy of Design for its global 2015 conference in Paris – ‘The Value Of Design Research’ – with the aim of pushing the boundaries of the design of tools and processes which enable radical innovation.

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Proven design evaluation tool

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