Gone are the days when our pets would be banished to the dog house! With 65 million pets in the UK and 45% of households owning a pet, there is no denying that Britain is a nation of pet-lovers.

  • Did you know? Pet owners spend on average £70 a month on their furry friends – That’s more than Brits spend on holidays and cosmetics combined!
  • 25% of UK young pet owners admit to mixing up the names of their pet and their partner.
  • 70% of pet owners believe ‘natural’ products to be significantly more nutritious, and are looking towards the ‘Fresh and natural’ category for greater pet food choices.

…It comes as no surprise then that pet food brand ‘Laughing Dog’ has recently secured its first major supermarket listing in Sainsbury’s!

Laughing Dog“This listing came on the back of the trend for free-from dog foods” – Brian Allen.


Capitalising on the prioritised role pets now have within the family structure is HUGE for FMCG brands, particularly those who can successfully tap into the #Humanisation trend, as shoppers constantly seek new ways to experiment with pet care products and services that appeal to the human incentive to “mother” our pets.

Humanisation (n). The impetus to treat pets like they are humans.

However, it’s important to remember that not all pet owners are motivated in same way, and not all humanisers will ‘humanise’ to the same extent. So what kind of humaniser are you?

To find out which archetype you fall into, simply click here for YOUR FREE COPY of our ‘Pet Care’ Thought Piece…

Pet care thought piece

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23rd April 2015
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