Fairtrade, Banana, Blog, fruitThis year’s event launch comes at a time where this increasingly mainstream sector continues to thrive. Fairtrade products in the UK are on track to achieve targeted sales of over £2 billion this year as the UK continues to be the largest international market for Fairtrade products.

According to the Fairtrade Foundation, there are now over 4,500 Fairtrade products available from 1,149 producer organisations in 70 countries –with around 300,000 Fairtrade supporters across extensive networks, consumer research revealed that almost 50% of adults say they prefer to choose Fairtrade when buying items such as coffee, tea or bananas.

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It’s for a great cause…

It’s easy to appreciate why cause-related-marketing continues to gather real momentum, and has broadly become a barometer of a brand’s moral integrity. In some categories it’s a basic hygiene level that must be met -particularly where higher involvement purchases are concerned or where supply chain transparency has faced recent scrutiny. Above all, fairness is a quality to be highlighted these days – an attribute by which a brand can be measured emotionally, and a vital tool in earning the trust of cynical shoppers at decisive moments on their journey to the checkout. For more thinking around on the subject of cause-related-marketing, check out our thought piece here.

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Why it’s nice to be nice…

As consumers our everyday decision-making around the goods we DECIDE. to buy offers us an opportunity to showcase our own moral views and personal beliefs to the outside world. We naturally gravitate towards organisations who we believe share these values. So for many brands the argument for ‘being nice’ is a compelling one…and if our instinctive human desire for happiness and inner-well-being can be appeased on a daily basis at a ‘relatively’ low cost through the purchase of products that not only benefit us, but ALSO positively impact on other people around us, the society in which we operate & the environment of which we are part, potentially having global implications – this is a strong selling proposition.


Here at DECIDE. we are loving the ‘TELL US WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE..‘ profile generator on the Fairtrade Fortnight website, why not have a go yourself and see what you are!



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25th February 2015
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