Although the blog title suggests some unrelated subject areas, we’ve rounded up three great examples that all share complementary considerations around time, interaction and reflection.


L’Oreal’s ‘Skinchecker’ campaign pushes global skin cancer awareness

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Moving away from the “scare tactics” used by other advertisers in recent years, L’Oreal has created an international awareness campaign which urges people to get their moles checked.

L’Oreal is encouraging “millions of views” of their 60-second video showing Dalmatians checking each other’s spots, which is, according to the brand, a “caring, non-threatening and warm way” of “creating collective engagement!”

Yannick Raynaud, managing director of L’Oreal UK and Ireland’s active cosmetics division, says that “the biggest chunk of our investment is going to be on YouTube…It’s the most impactful [platform] and we want people to share the video.”

It’s interesting to see a ‘softer’ approach as part of a CSR campaign that L’Oreal have opted for, using animals to convey the message and ride the popular trend in FMCG advertising in recent months.[tw-divider][/tw-divider]

Durex #connect campaign promotes digital ‘off button’

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The Durex brand, like many other sex related brands, must continuously have a promotional headache. Granted that Durex are a brand leader and in modern light are willing to push boundaries even further, but balancing humour and sex without sleaze isn’t easy. Their new social media campaign looks at the barriers (sorry…) to intimacy and encourages couples to spice up their love lives by switching off their smartphones.

The #connect campaign urges people to ditch connected tech in favour of real connections, as the brand attempts to replicate its #TurnOffToTurnOn campaign last year, which reached over 1.5 billion people worldwide.

The video has seen huge initial success, getting over 8 million views in just two days!!

The study commissioned by Durex and conducted at Durham University as part of the campaign was ‘The role of smartphones and technology in sexual and romantic lives which looked to examine the impact of technology and smartphones on romance, intimacy and sex for people in long-term relationships.[tw-divider][/tw-divider]

Dominos shows off smartwatches that can order pizza

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On a lighter note, Domino’s has created an app for Pebble and Android Wear smartwatch users which allows placing and tracking orders. It is clearly a natural extension to the existing app/web service and isn’t overly new, but by taking that extra step and utilising smartwatch technology, Domino’s have addressed what every take-away experience involves… time!

Customers can use their smartwatch Domino’s Tracker to follow the progress of their order from purchase to doorbell and everything in between, simple.[tw-divider][/tw-divider]

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9th April 2015


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