The 31st October sees the sizzling start of British Sausage Week 2016. At DECIDE. we don’t think you can beat a great British sausage, so we’ve taken a look at the beauty of the banger to celebrate.


10 Sizzling Sausage Stats & Facts

  • Sausages were nicknamed bangers during the Second World War. Their high water content due to the scarcity of other ingredients meant that they were liable to explode when cooked as the water turned to steam
  • There are more than 500 recipes and flavours for sausages in Britain.  If you take into account all the different variations from butchers across the country you could eat a different British sausage every day for ten years!!
  • During the year to August 2016, the nation consumed 175,713 tonnes of sausages in the home, worth £717 million of retail sales.
  • 85% of British households buy sausages, on an average of 12 times per year.
  • Almost three million pigs are now reared to RSPCA Assured standards – that’s 30% of all UK pigs and a whole lot of sausages
  • The word sausage derives from the Latin salsisium, meaning something that has been salted
  • Every day, 3.5 million meals containing sausages are eaten at home
  • A staggering 1.26 billion meals containing sausage are eaten in the home each year
  • More sausages are eaten as part of an evening meal/teatime in the home (61%); compared to 24% at breakfast and 14% at lunch.
  • Sausage sales (by volume) are more than double the sales of burgers and grills
(source Kantar World Panel Retail & Usage and NPD Crest)

Following decades of decline, family butchers have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity since the horsemeat scandal broke. Shoppers whose confidence had been dented by supermarkets have been heading back to small family butchers to buy locally sourced meat. The trend for high protein diets has also became a factor, with new and innovative ways of accessing prepared meats, such as MuscleFood who deliver a variety of meats and treats direct to your door.

“Made from fresh pork cuts, we are lucky enough in this country to have hundreds of varieties of sausages to choose from. British Sausage Week is all about celebrating the great British banger. Of course, quality meals start with quality products, which is why British Sausage Week aims to raise awareness for sausages produced using assured pork, such as Red Tractor.”

Kirsty Walker, head of marketing at AHDB Pork

The ‘experience benefits’ from a tasty sausage comes from knowing the sausage/meat you have bought is of high quality, it needs to have strong transparent provenance (trusted sources, locally) and brought to you by market experts (heritage & craftsmanship…family values, etc…).

Revealing and effectively marketing these core values and characteristics of brand is what helps differentiate a product from the competition. Over the past two years DECIDE. has enjoyed working with Dicksons, the North East’s long-established, leading family pork Butcher. Refining the brands proposition, offer communications and most recently a range of retail packaging including their mixed flavour pre-packed sausages.

So let’s all celebrate in style by going out to buy a top quality British banger!


Dicksons pork butcher sausage packDicksons pork butcher sausage packDicksons pork butcher sausage pack

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