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One week in, have you caved already?

Well you’re not alone…

According to a survey published this time last year by, Friday 24th January 2014 was dubbed ‘Fail Friday’ as the ultimate test of willpower, the knife-edge moment when we all collapse into a spiral of gluttonous sin and temptation. Now, I’m not for a second suggesting that Friday 23rd this year will see us all collectively meet the same fate, but unfortunately the numbers don’t provide much comfort with 90% of us set to fail at some point.

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Personally I rarely make a resolution, well out loud anyhow. I usually find that the question gets posed a number of times on the run-up, and the same suppressed resolution from years gone by rises to the surface again, get in better shape Matt! Standard I know, but it’s an obvious and natural goal shared with millions of others. In fact, according to a YouGov poll, getting fit and losing weight were the top New Year’s resolutions in 2014, a trend likely to continue into 2015 according to nationwide surveys by Angels Den and Social Life app Citysocializer.

However, come the turn of the year, it’s the typical instant uphill struggle to avoid all those lovely ‘left overs’ and anti-ab presents from friends and family… oh the torment! As expected the commercial bandwagon is currently in full swing, the best diets, exercises, meal options, hints & tips are all being pumped out for fun. The bargain Groupon for a month of boot camp sessions or the introductory gym memberships are all presented in style and no doubt work a treat for some.

But this year I’m trying a new planned approach, currently in the market for a fitness band amongst the overwhelming choice that was released in 2014, I’ve been suckered in by the ‘inspirational’ promo advert of Apple’s Health app and FitBit’s ‘It’s All Fit’ commercial (inset above). I’m going down the self-monitoring route with a smart phone in hand and app technology as my ally to provide measurable progress and tailored goals… wish me luck!

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”
Theodore Roosevelt

Have you made the decision to employ a new technological aid to help stay on the straight and narrow as part of your New Year strategy? Will you be part of that 10% in the dawn of 2016?


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8th January 2015
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