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It’s all a matter of context

Unless they’re a whizz at maths, numbers don’t necessarily mean an awful lot to people when they appear in their purest ‘abstract’ form i.e. out of context with day to day living (so we’re not talking pay packets, pensions, shopping bill or energy bills here). That’s why when it comes to communicating calorie counts and […]

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It’s been emotional!

Over the last 10-15 years there’s been a shift towards communications which appeal to the left brain (popularly referred to as System 1). This move has presented itself in the form of songs with simpler, and often more repetitive lyrics, an increase in the number of sequels and franchise movies, and fewer sitcoms on TV […]

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Christmas needn’t cost the earth

With the global climate in crisis with soaring CO2 emissions and a growing human population, trees have never had a more important part to play in locking up carbon and producing oxygen.By increasing the UK’s tree cover, we can take an important step towards tackling climate change.That’s why sustainability is high on the agenda at […]

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Feel good brands in a feel bad world

We live in unsettled times – what with the trials and tribulations of Brexit, the rise in crime, the pressures on the NHS and the collapse of the High Street. Shoppers have rarely felt so frustrated and depressed. And when shoppers feel down, it usually results in decreased sales for brands. At times like this, […]

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Fake Marketing and the Problem of Trust

It’s an interesting time to be a marketer, with new hurdles rising and falling before many can even spot them. But there are some issues which nobody could miss. Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions recorded a video for clients explaining the measures Facebook was taking to regulate their on-site advertisements and […]

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Powerful packaging: enticing consumers to choose healthier options

Powerful packaging design: enticing consumers to choose healthier food options Much research solidifies design’s role as a powerful influencer when making food choices. Packaging design and structure is the first point of product engagement for many consumers. How it is used to effectively influence healthy food choice through imagery, size and structure plays a huge […]

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The difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing (and why it matters)

In today’s marketing climate, digital could easily be mistaken as the be-all and end-all of a brand. Indeed, Marketing Week and Forbes point out that company’s digital marketing campaigns are ever increasing in priority and budget. The fact is that, in many product categories, shoppers require a more tangible experience to warrant a purchase. For […]

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Will it be your brand they choose?

POME – What’s it all about? Momentous stepping stones such as going to college, getting married, having a baby – or even starting to shave and use personal hygiene and skincare for the first time all carr corresponding sets of challenges that provide a completely different set of considerations when it comes to impending purchases. […]

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These boots were made for walking

Little feet in shoes are protected feet… There are 300 million barefoot children worldwide. 58 million children worldwide are not in school. 29 million of these are because they do not have the means. In many countries, you cannot go to school without a pair of shoes. This makes children extremely vulnerable to infection by […]

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Is your Brand in tune with consumers?

Instant success – bottled Music can play an important part in influencing how people choose brands. A recent study tested a random sample of people by showing them a fictitious mineral water brand with three versions of musical accompaniment. Two of these accompaniments were designed specifically for the test (i.e. they were unfamiliar to the […]

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Beyond Veganuary

The Veganuary campaign, encouraging people to try a vegan diet, received record support with over 50,000 people signing up to start in January 2017. Campaign organisers say following a vegan diet, even for such a short spell, can bring benefits to your health including reducing obesity, cutting blood pressure, and lowering the levels of type […]

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stress, desk, work, office

National Stress Awareness day and the focus this year is on work based stress…

There has been so much written about stress in its many forms – “good stress” – when we are motivated to meet a deadline or make something happen and positive adrenaline courses through our veins, vs “negative stress” when our blood pressure rises and our hearts start racing in a fashion we know isn’t doing […]

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