Everyone can be creative when they have a spare moment, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Because everyone loves to doodle (interestingly, the urge to doodle gets stronger as stress levels increase).

The apparently random squiggles we create in fact provide an insight into our personalities.

What your doodle says about you.


[tw-column width=”one-third”]

Circular or rounded

You’re an emotional person who seeks love and harmony

[/tw-column] [tw-column width=”one-third”]

or flat

You’re down-to-earth, practical and like to be in control

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Pointed or triangular

You’re determined and need an outlet for your mental and physical energy

And it’s not only what we doodle, but where on the page we doodle that also indicates our attitude, fears and feelings to the trained observer.

However, when it comes down to business, the humble doodle can be one of the most important indicators of the value of your visual brand equities.


Decide Doodle Day Logos

That’s why the strategy and creative teams at DECIDE place importance on what we call the brand doodle test. We believe that if your consumer and shopper can doodle an image of your brand marque from memory which is accurate in its essence (i.e. it doesn’t have to be well-drawn, simply recognisable), then it’s confirmation of the fact that your brand has a really valuable visual equity; that it is memorable, recognisable and embedded in their unconscious – and more likely to influence their decision-making process when in buying mode. Think of globally-recognised brands such as Apple, McDonalds and Nike and the images of their logos will appear immediately in your mind’s-eye, and as pictures communicate before words, the importance of this visual recognition cannot be underestimated.

So why not put your brand to the test? Meet up with some of your consumers and shoppers, give them a pad and pencil, and let their doodles do the talking.

If you’d like to talk in more detail about how DECIDE can help ensure your brand is firmly embedded in your shopper’s imagination, contact us today.

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6th February 2015
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