Little feet in shoes are protected feet…

  • There are 300 million barefoot children worldwide.
  • 58 million children worldwide are not in school.
  • 29 million of these are because they do not have the means.
  • In many countries, you cannot go to school without a pair of shoes.
  • This makes children extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites, such as hookworm; while injuries to the feet and ankles can lead to ulcers and other conditions which are almost always left untreated.

There’s a charity that really stuck a chord with DECIDE’s Maria Plasted as she often wonders what to do with all of the shoes her children have outgrown (but are still in lovely condition)… little feet grow at a rapid rate!  It’s also a common thought amongst many other parents and families.

Sal’s Shoes was founded on the back of exactly that thought, collecting and delivering your used, loved, outgrown children’s shoes straight to those in need.

Since its conception in 2013, Sal’s Shoes have been collecting pre-loved shoes at schools and sourcing companies to distribute to those in need. Now, over 150,000 pairs of them are shipped to children around the world, who do not own shoes and live in areas in which a range of soil-transmitted and foot-related diseases are prevalent.

“We receive feedback from locations where we have held distributions years after to say the shoes we distributed are now being worn by younger siblings of the original recipients”, says CJ Bowry.

So, Team DECIDE (plus our friends and family) are getting behind this amazing charity and donating their children’s used shoes to help other children and as some of the preloved shoes travel up to 10,000 miles to find their new feet, DECIDE will also be fundraising to cover the money required for the despatch costs by baking and buying lots of cake!




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Jo Errington-Stevens


24th July 2017


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