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Powerful packaging design: enticing consumers to choose healthier food options

Powerful packaging design: enticing consumers to choose healthier food options Much research solidifies design’s role as a powerful influencer when making food choices. Packaging design and structure is the first point of product engagement for many consumers. How it is used to effectively influence healthy food choice through imagery, size and structure plays a huge […]

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5 brands that are embracing the power of AI

Artificial intelligence is set to change the face of retail, yet only a few brands are capitalising on its current potential. Budget is a key barrier for marketers, as the computing technology required to make sense of unstructured data sets can be cost prohibitive for smaller brands. Those contemplating an investment may be hesitating due […]

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The difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing (and why it matters)

In today’s marketing climate, digital could easily be mistaken as the be-all and end-all of a brand. Indeed, Marketing Week and Forbes point out that company’s digital marketing campaigns are ever increasing in priority and budget. The fact is that, in many product categories, shoppers require a more tangible experience to warrant a purchase. For […]

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A new look for DECIDE’s creative workspace

DECIDE’s creative workspace has had a bit of a makeover and we’re all feeling upbeat as a result. DECIDE’s dedicated quiet zones and coffee bar’s style meeting areas make work so much more motivational and fun. In our inspiration room, wall to wall clouds on a blue sky background bring the outside, inside; vivid, intriguing […]

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Will it be your brand they choose?

POME – What’s it all about? Momentous stepping stones such as going to college, getting married, having a baby – or even starting to shave and use personal hygiene and skincare for the first time all carr corresponding sets of challenges that provide a completely different set of considerations when it comes to impending purchases. […]

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Junior Great North Run First-Time runner

Proud moment at Junior Great North Run Huge congratulations to first time runner at the Simplyhealth Junior Great North Run 2017 Jamie Gee and his Dad, DECIDE’s John Gee who completed the 4 kilometres on Saturday 9th September along with around 6,000 other young runners – a fantastic achievement!    

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Trading during the summer months is tough. Brands and retailers are squabbling for shares of wallet and attention at a time while shoppers will do anything to avoid being indoors for a chance to soak up any moments of sun that breaks through the typically grim British clouds. Creating standout is an age-old challenge for […]

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These boots were made for walking

Little feet in shoes are protected feet… There are 300 million barefoot children worldwide. 58 million children worldwide are not in school. 29 million of these are because they do not have the means. In many countries, you cannot go to school without a pair of shoes. This makes children extremely vulnerable to infection by […]

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