Aaron Draplin

As a non-designer, working in a creative agency, the creative processes and brainstorming sessions often escape me, leaving me to admire the final product once it has undergone many painstaking rounds of editing, tweaking and negotiating.

How does a professional creative think up a new logo or holding device for a brand?

Which thoughts and links spin through his/ her mind during this process?

When I found Aaron Draplin’s renditions of his creative process, re-enacted “live” online, I was completely engulfed and transfixed.

Aaron Draplin Collage

Firstly, being introduced to Aaron’s workshop is itself enchanting. Bookcases two stories tall, colours and weird objects strewn across tables and floors, all elude to the creative mind itself; Buzzing, never standing still, maybe never tidy, in case one should suddenly draw inspiration from a broken blue toy truck lying at the foot of the table.

Aaron is the manager of Draplin Design Co., and supports the “industrial” style of design; Design that simply works.

My favourite episode is the “Logo challenge” given to Aaron by Vimeo.

Most logos cannot be outlined in fifteen minutes however, most creators are not Aaron Draplin. Watching Aaron run around his workshop, thinking out loud, explaining his thought process as he goes along, is like listening to a beautiful piece of jazz; Spontaneous and inspired in the moment, but structured by many years of hard work and a focused mind.

And to think all of this brilliant creativity, sitting in a mind as humble looking and approachable as Aaron Draplin. Even further solidifying his likability is his love for his deceased dog Gary. I’m hooked.

When I die, I am gonna die so broke; I wanna go out helping somebody and not with a big f**kin’ bank account and a mountain of work that’s gonna end up in some landfill.

– Aaron Draplin



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Anne Crawford


16th January 2015


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