James Gudgeon

James has an MSc in Consumer Psychology and has gained relevant expertise both in the UK and overseas markets, working on commercial projects such as the launch of a beverage brand and the creation and management of CRM campaigns.

James’s appointment also marks the start of our second Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Durham University and represents the next chapter in what has become a unique long-term collaboration for DECIDE. with one of the world’s leading business schools.

In our first KTP we investigated the ‘emotional triggers’ influencing people’s relationships with brands. This helped formulate what is now our strategy offer and has enabled us to generate appropriate insights and thinking to support our creative proposals.

The aim of this second KTP is to understand and model how people behave as ‘omni-channel’ shoppers and develop ‘archetypes’ for use in predicting likely future behaviour. This will result in a tool to help you overcome purchase barriers and to decide where to focus your marketing activities to get the best results.

James’s appointment is another exciting addition to our already strong strategy, planning & innovation team – adding to our existing specialisms in strategic & digital Marketing, multi-disciplinary design innovation, design management, advertising and media communications.

We look forward to getting James involved in your upcoming initiatives very soon!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about James’s specific experience or the KTP in particular, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Office: +44 (0)191 284 5334        Email: info@wearedecide.com

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Jo Errington-Stevens


24th March 2015


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